Spending at least 25% of your life in bed (assuming you rest up like you're supposed to), you should really consider investing in some luxurious bedding

Who wouldn't want to feel like they are sleeping on cashmere clouds? That's not even a thing, but sign me up!

I did sign myself up for some of the best sheets I've ever owned. I make snow angels in bed just so I can feel the Egyptian cotton hug my skin. I know that's not the most masculine thing to say, but don't knock it till you try it. 

Wifey and I got these in Metropolitan Gray when we got married a few years ago. They are still soft after washing, but you can iron them right after the dryer to keep them looking and feeling fresh. I should probably do that again too. Go ahead and make your body feel good every night by upping your sheet game. Pillows and comforters also play a big role in slumber comfort, but we'll get to those another time. 

I tried those super silky shiny sheets before. Although they look like they were taken from the Playboy Mansion in the '80s, they aren't all that practical unless you want to use them for some type of slip and slide game. Sheets aren't like toys or bling, don't fall for the shiny ones. Before that fun experience, I used to just think that the quality of sheets just depended on thread count. Although it's a major factor, it isn't the only one. I suggest going with either percale or sateen fabrics, which have sexy softness, and then get the highest thread count that fits your budget. Don't settle though. Your body will thank you, and so will your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, dog or... yeah, we won't go there.

The impact of sheets*

*As told by me; Comfort level is rated subjectively based on unknown, but plausible scale