The look book: #WWJD

WWJD was a popular expression a few decades ago based on the phrase "What Would Jesus Do". The point was to try to think with love and high moral standards when faced with questionable or adversarial situations. This section is not to mock that phrase in the slightest, but rather to honor it... in a weird, but genuine way. In line with the verse on the bottom right of every page, I'll constantly update this page to show how I try and look my best. We can call it 'What Would Jibin Don?' or #WWJD. Take it as my personal look book, or #WhatIWoreToday or #WhatToWearToday. I basically just like dressing up and taking pictures and want to share them with you because sharing is caring. 

Definition: don


verbdon; 3rd person present: dons; past tense: donned; past participle: donned; gerund or present participle: donning

  1. put on (an item of clothing): "the Bulldog players donned their football jerseys as they took the field."

    synonyms: put on, get dressed in, dress (oneself) in, get into, slip into/on: "he donned a shearling coat."