Options are a beautiful thing 

Sometimes it's hard to pick which suit to wear. Or sometimes you just don't want to wear the same colors everyone else is wearing. After all, the navy and gray suits are everywhere, as they should be. But consider another option: mixing and matching your suit jackets (or blazers) with a different pair of dress pants. You'll stand out in a good way if you know how to put color combos together well. If not... well then that's why I'm here.

Not every suit can be mixed and matched. First of all, make sure any combo you consider fits well. You can look like a futuristic runway model wearing a nicely-tailored suit jacket with your non-tailored suit pants, but let's not try to look like art here unless that's what you're going for or your name is MC Hammer. Anyway, next use your best judgement eye-test to ensure the colors actually go. Second opinions don't hurt if you're unsure. Hey, you can always ask me! Similarly to colors, patterns should play well off of each other. You can get away with solids or subtle patterns, but if you opt for something bold, just limit that to the blazer and keep your pants solid. This isn't mismatch day in middle school. Finally, the fabrics should also blend well together. I personally don't think they need to match completely, but you shouldn't have a tweed (rough) blazer with sheen (shiny) pants. 

Here are some options you may consider:

I may not be smiling in front of the camera, but I'm happy with any of these combos. The split decision look makes you look more like a distinguished Ivy-league professor. Remember the tips and you'll look smart too. What do you think? Leave a comment for your favorite pick! Or email me your ideas! Whatever you do, just make sure you make a stylish decision!