You may be wondering why an adult has jackets with tigers on them.

It's the "I, of the Tiger" look.

It happens to be a souvenir jacket, and the high fashion industry has brought them back into the fold in a major way. Souvenir jackets got their name from American soldiers bringing these sexy little beasts back from Japan (thus, as a souvenir) after World War II. The Japanese refer to them as Sukajan (souvenir) jackets. That's your history lesson for today. 

Beyond the historical aspect, these jackets typically have some type of cool embroidery on it, whether it be floral patterns or awesome tigers like the one above that caught my eye. Anyway, souvenir jackets were a big hit for 2016 runways. It does take some guts to wear them, but those with style game will give you that cool head nod you get when respect is subtly shown. Gucci has some of the best versions, but brands high and low are pushing these out. You can wear these over a t-shirt and pair them with jeans. Or layer it over a solid sweater. Just don't wear it over another attention-grabbing item - you don't want the two to compete, so make sure everything else you rock with this is more subtle and complementary. Try it with a plain white tee and chinos (aka casual cotton pants... #alliteration) for starters. 

Ballin' out of control:

Gucci Reversible Bomber Jacket

This one is reversible to a nice solid sky blue color. That's how awesome it is. 2 jackets for the price of 1 (or price of 12 'normal' jackets)! 



Ballin' on a budget:

Topman Souvenir Jacket


Don't stare too long into those deep blue eyes. Hit refresh if the image is blank... technical difficulties and whatnot. 

Does this jacket look familiar? If it doesn't, then scroll up until you can't scroll anymore... or scroll down for something better. I actually got mine before seeing his picture. But he has more credibility than I do. Who is he? Model Lucky Blue Smith (yes, that's his real name), who lost to Kanye West for GQ's Most Stylish Man of 2015.

Inspired by Lucky, I got my 'so seductive' look going on strong here. You can stare into my black eyes. 

Inspired by Lucky, I got my 'so seductive' look going on strong here. You can stare into my black eyes.