Look around your walls at home. See any empty, boring walls? They're probably everywhere. I've got some ideas to help you bring those dull spaces to life. The idea isn't to cover - or clutter - your entire wall, but rather to give certain areas a breath of life. Being fashionable requires more than a wardrobe update... it requires a lifestyle update. You can't dress stylishly without living and breathing the part. I can't help you breathe, but I can help you live fashionably. Plus, they can be great conversation starters for your boring room. 

We all have our own sense of style as it pertains to wardrobes and decor. Here are 4 easy ways to spice up a lonely wall or living space regardless of your personal style. These aren't original ideas by any means, but hopefully they can spark a vision for you in your own house.

1. Oversized wall clock. It's an easy favorite of mine. I buy wall clocks for fun and the bigger, the better... as long as they're functional. My personal taste is more of a Restoration Hardware kinda look, but clocks exist for the eccentric, the basic, and everything in between. Hang the clock up high so as to draw the eyes up and make the room seem larger than it may be. 


This is my most favorite clock. It's inspired by Restoration Hardware, although their version is not functional. #winning

Although technically not oversized, it's large enough to make a statement without being too overpowering. 


2. Coordinated picture frames. Everyone has pictures they love. Not everyone shows them off well. This may take some more measuring and DIY'ing, but it's well worth it in the end. 

I had a vision to put up frames in a particular way using black and white photographs only, and I'm diggin' the result. It may not be your thing, but maybe it can inspire you to show your pictures in a unique way. The beauty is that there's (almost) no wrong way to display it. I'm more of a symmetry/OCD kinda guy, so I had to figure out how to get align things well enough to where I can maximize the space while minimizing the effort. 


It actually took longer to figure out which pictures should go in the frames than putting the frames up on the wall. 



These frames are from IKEA, so they are budget-friendly. They're also made pretty well. I went with more of a monochromatic theme because it fit the rest of my space better, but do what works for you. Just make sure that if you use pictures from your phone, that they won't look pixelated or blurry if you print them out in larger sizes. I used a mirrorless camera to take most of these travel shots. 

3. Huge wall art. Yes, this is a 'duh' thing. Put art up on your wall? You don't need to read a blog to know that. But go big or go home. Rather, go big at home. Rather than cluttering your wall with lots of random pieces, make a statement. Canvas art is a great way to fill up unused wall space in a quick and dirty way. That doesn't mean it won't have a clean look if you find something that speaks to you. Here's what I got for our dining room. This isn't what I call a 'huge' piece, but it was the largest I could find for the type of art I was looking for. 


Bae and I obviously love fashion, so it was awesome for us to agree on this bougie piece for our dining room, flanked with some candles we never light because we don't want to burn our house down. Courtesy of Oliver Gal. 



There are literally millions of pieces out there, but don't get overwhelmed... and definitely don't settle for the first thing you find at Homegoods.  Invest just a tad bit of research and time into something that you'll appreciate much more and for much longer in life. Need ideas? I usually go to Houzz.com (or use the awesome app!) and type in what I'm looking for and look at random photos. Surely you'll find some inspiration from someone out there that has similar taste. Take that inspiration and add your personal touch. 

4. Mirror, mirror on the wall. This can be the greatest of them all. It's fashionable, functional, and - depending on your setting - can be a great way to brighten up the space. Mirrors reflect light, so if you have lots of windows in your space, then a mirror would benefit you that much more. I'm not talking about a little dinky mirror that you can check your nose hairs on. The bigger, the better. Put them up behind a sofa or couch for that touch of decor that turns into a conversation starter. It'll add depth and, in the daylight, actually make the room look bigger. Leaner (ie leaning) wall mirrors are easy because you just have to buy it and lean it against your wall. Here's how I've done it.


That's a leaner mirror back there. Yes, it is functional, but I like that it matches the theme and reflects the light from outside.



Some people wonder what the purpose is of leaning a mirror against a wall. It's a blend of art + functionality. You can always put it on the wall if that's your thing. But if Restoration Hardware does it, then don't ask silly questions. That's the place where decor dreams come true. Bae introduced me to this opulent slice of heaven many moons ago, and it's been a beautiful way to lose my money ever since.

So what's your favorite style? Leave a comment to share your thoughts