Welcome back! 

It's been 371 days (give or take) since my last published article. A lot has changed since then, but so much has stayed the same. The most notable difference is embracing #thefutureisfemale, as we're expecting our first child - a girl (obvi) - this October. What a ridiculously awesome blessing from God.


The force was used to create this

(picture, that is... not the baby...)


I'll have to expand my fashion game to include female baby gear, but I'm so looking forward to it other than the expenses. Who knows, maybe she'll be a blogger one day. Whatever the case, she's gonna look dope doing it. Unless she's a tomboy, I won't be able to pass down my clothes to her (she'll prolly reach my height once she enters middle school), but we're still gonna coordinate outfits when we go out. 

It's also time for me to get back to writing a bit more. This past year, I've focused heavily on growing my Instagram account (check it out here!), redesigning this site (just for fun), taking a writing internship, trying to get better at photography, and just figuring out what to do with this passion of fashion. I'm really excited about whatever is going on in my head, and can't wait to execute it. Stay tuned and make sure you subscribe to get the most awesome stylish updates, now kid-friendly.