There's no point in spending so much money on a wallet if you can't afford to put anything inside. Unless it's stylish. 

Wallets are usually a hidden form of fashion, but regardless of your taste I'm sure you have at least one just for practicality's sake... or the rite of passage into being a responsible dude. Wallets exist for every budget, but I've focused on a few stylish ones for gentlemen of any style. And just for the record, you shouldn't put a thick wallet in your back pocket. Studies show that it's actually bad for your back. I'd suggest you only keep the card(s) you use (no, you don't go to Top Golf every week) on a regular basis and trim the wallet fat. Give your wallet a cleansing while giving your back a rest. You're welcome.

The Luxury Wallet. These are your traditional (and in this case, high fashion) bi-fold wallets and they can get pricey. You know someone with at least one (quite possibly including yourself), and you always notice it when it's pulled out. These don't have to be flashy, but either way you should get what you pay for out of them so expect them to last, especially the leather wallets as they get better with age. #vintage. Polo and Michael Kors have some of the best bang for the buck wallets with some nice well-under-$100 options, but higher-end fashion labels will easily reach over the $200+ threshold. Women have the designer purses. Why not keep pace with our significant others? (We'll get to actual man purses another time.)


The Money Clip. For cash money millionaires. Not really my style, but to each his own. On a side note, Gucci has a lot of cool ones. 


The Cardholder. It's birthed from the hookup of the traditional wallet and the money clip. This slim size is great for minimalists and even better for those who are concerned about the health concerns mentioned previously. And with the way technology is going - i.e. Apple Pay - a cardholder may be all you need these days especially if you don't carry too much cash.  If I had to pick one style for the future, I'd go with a slim cardholder or 'pocket organizer', which is basically a smaller, slimmer bi-fold wallet meant for holding your primary cards. In fact, I'm in the market for one myself. You can find great deals since they are smaller and less expensive than the more traditional bi-fold wallet.


The Unconventional Wallet. These are for magicians or folks who like gadgets. There's always a trick to them or a button to push. Who pushes a button a wallet? Guys who like these options, and especially for those who love a mix of technology, modernism, security, and minimalism. These untraditionally-hard materials would help you keep your wallet in your front pockets as well, which is again great for your back! I think Q designed something like this for James Bond. If that's not a good enough reason to get one, I don't know what is. 


These miniature card hiders were created in Holland, and are designed for the fashionably tech savvy gentlemen. It's a basic aluminum casing for your cards and then you can accessorize your accessory by selecting one (or more) of the many leather covers. What's so great about them? You insert your cards and you can access them by pressing a lever. Don't take my vague word for it... check out this junkie's review: 




Go go gadget wallet! This is similar to Secrid's design, but with a more minimalist aesthetic. You load your cards into the casing and press a button to have them... cascade... out. Then you just pick whichever one you want. No fuss. 




This one sounds like a type of dragon or an ingredient used to make bulletproof vests. It may very well be bulletproof itself. It's actually a super-light and super-thin magnetic wallet. I bet it could be good for magic tricks too. This is cool stuff, but a bit too cold and mechanical for my taste. I'd prefer my wallets to be warm and comfy while chillin' cozily somewhere in my pockets. Maybe that's just me.




So which ones tickle your fancy? Leave a comment below! I'll let you know whenever I end up finding my cardholder.