4 reasons to have a Tailor-Made life

Guys... find a tailor. Visit said tailor. Have tailor tailor your stuff. If your tailor is good, he or she will tailor swift...... I couldn't help it. Come on, that was good though, right? I guess it's technically tailor swiftly, but that's not as fun. Anyway, they should get it done promptly and accurately. I can't stress it enough, and that's why I recommend it as a style resolution

Here are three reasons why investing in a tailor will pay off in the long (and short) run. 

1. It'll keep you in shape. "Huh?", you say, as you consider closing the browser. Just hear me out. You're probably old enough now to where your body is settled into form, unless you're actually going to stick to your new year's plan of losing weight. Well, if you are at a desired weight, then getting your clothes tailored to the body you are happy with should motivate you to keep that body how it is. Otherwise you're looking at an expensive wardrobe change. You don't want to put on the pounds to where your buttons are hanging on for dear life. And you don't want to be so malnourished that you're swimming in your clothes. So if you invest in quality tailoring, quality tailoring will invest in you. 

2. Your clothes (not just your suits) will actually fit like they're supposed to. All of us have different body types and heights. A medium or 42R is not going to look the same on everyone who gets those sizes. What if you have T-Rex arms and your sleeves swallow your entire hand? Even though all sizes are standard, all body shapes and sizes are not. Whatever the case, getting your clothes tailored will complete your look like a boss. If you in the market to get a suit tailored, don't forget some basic rules to suiting up


Meet the inside of a tailored suit


3. It'll prevent people from borrowing your clothes (when you don't want them to). 

"Hey man, you got a shirt I can borrow?"

"No, sorry... mine are all custom tailored to my body and you'll tear it." You don't have to say the last part, but you get the idea. Sharing is caring, but tailored clothes are meant for the tailoree... if that's a word (it's not).

4. You'll always have me to talk to for style advice or news, but your tailor can also be a great resource for brainstorming style ideas. I bounce many a random questions off of my tailor and he steps up to the challenge every time. I've gotten sweatpants, fleece pants, t-shirts, suits, jackets and more tailored. I certainly give my tailor a challenge, but it's worth it. Regardless of what you want tailored, it's important to develop a relationship with your tailor. Let them know your style and your preferred fit. Remember that you should tell your tailor how you want your clothes done, and not the other way around. Of course, you can always ask for suggestions, but don't let them dictate your style if you're not comfortable with what they're saying. You can only rely on your friends or significant other so much. Most of the time, they'll just tell you what you want to hear anyway, and life will go on. Take advantage of all the other times. Plus, going to your tailor can be a great place to unwind. Grab some drinks and shoot the breeze. Those dope pics I took above are from my tailor's renovated spot. I admittedly need to check out Sid Mashburn in Atlanta as well, but I've read all about it and heard great things. It's officially on my to-do list. Wherever you live, I'm sure there are some awesome spots where you can apply all of the above.